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General questions:

- Is B.iCycle compatible with all iPhone devices?

The app needs GPS for precise calculation of the current speed, distance, calories and altitude. It will work with the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S and not at all with the iPod touch and iPhone 2G.

- B.iCycle says "Waiting for GPS"! What is wrong? I don't get a signal although Google maps locates me!

B.iCycle needs high-precision location data from the iPhone for the speed and distance calculations and even more for altitude calculation. This means that you need good reception for GPS. It is not enough to have the rough location that e.g. the built in Map app uses as we need to calculate speed and distance precisely compared to just display your position in a map. Therefore, your iPhone needs a clear line of sight towards the sky. That's why we recomment using a bike mount. We have noted that on the first start of the application, it can take significantly longer (up to five minutes!) than at subsequent startups. This is a technical limitation that we can't control. B.iCycle will calculate all values with highest precision as soon as the message "Waiting for GPS" is gone and the current speed is displayed instead.

- What happens if I collect a call or close the app during a trip? Will it run in the background? Will data be collected?

When another app is loaded (e.g. the mail, phone or text messaging app) the iPhone OS will terminate the currently running app. There is no way to circumvent that. In that case B.iCycle stores all the current data. When the app is launched again (will happen automatically after you finish a phone call that you received while our app was running) you will find all the data that was already there when it was closed by the OS. We cannot collect GPS data while the app is not running, e.g. during a phone call or while you write a text message. The only thing we can do is to make sure you do not lose any data and give you the option to resume the trip by pressing "Start" after B.iCycle has been relaunched.

- Will B.iCycle calculate GPS data with the screen turned off by the lock button?

B.iCycle does not record track data when the display is in sleep mode since this mode is very power efficient and does not allow GPS to run in the background. For the best experience we recommend to use the app with a bike mount on the handle bar and leave the display on all the time.

- Does B.iCycle support 3rd party accessories?

B.iCycle is the most advanced cyclometer in the AppStore and we are eager to improve it with the support for external hardware. Please get back to us in case you have more information about the upcoming launch of something bike related.

- Can B.iCycle be used for other sports or without a bike mount?

B.iCycle is tailor made for biking in a way that speed measurements and calorie calculation as well as the user interface target the best precision and experience when biking with the iPhone in a cradle at the handle bar. It will only record your data when the screen is on as Apple considers the screen locked as an indication for power safe mode where the GPS will be disabled. However, the map feature and mailing your routes to your email account for later review in Google Earth will also work for hikers. You can watch your trail and you will be able to check the distance you hiked.

- How can I get the best possible battery range with B.iCycle?

You can achieve the best possible performance if you deactivate 3G, WIFI and Bluetooth as these are the worst battery drainers. Usually our customers report around four hours of usage. If you want to do longer trips, please consider using a battery extender that you can get as accessory. Our customers have reported good success with battery extenders, and we even had lots of customers telling us that they attached it to a wheel dynamo charging station!

- Why do you recommend using a bike mount?

For GPS based speed and distance calculation it is required to have a very strong GPS feed. It definitely helps to use B.iCycle with a bike mount to get maximum GPS precision compared to armbands or in-pocket solutions. It is also so much more fun to watch the bike trails on the map and the live measurements while you are on the bike!

- Which bike mount do you recommend?

We recommend the "Bike mount 1" from Richter and the bike mounts from Dahon and Wicked Chili. But there are lots of more good bike mounts out there.

User interface questions:

- What are the main modes? How do I switch between them?

Main modes are "Split screen", "Full map", "All values" and "Settings". You can toggle between them at any time by just clicking one of the four icons at the bottom of the screen.

- How do I switch between metric and US units?

In the settings menu select general settings and change the units for distance and weight to your scheme. All collected data will be shown in the selected units from that moment. That also works in case e.g. you recorded a trip with the distance setting miles but now you want to send an email showing "km".

- How do I change the currently displayed value in the Split screen and Map screen?

B.iCycle always shows you the current speed plus one additional value above the map. In the Split screen you will always see the  trip time as well. To change the additional value simply tap the area where the value is shown. Whenever the display shows the value you care about just leave it like that. B.iCycle will even remember that value and will show it the next time you use it.


- How do I select the Auto scan feature and why do I need it?

Auto scan is very helpful in case you want to have a look at more than one additional value while riding and still like to see the map display. To activate simply tab the value field until "Auto scan" is shown and wait. After a short while the values will be toggled automatically.

- How do I configure Auto scan?

In the settings you can select "Auto scan" and configure what values you want B.iCycle toggle through and how long you want each value displayed. We recommend 4s and between 2 and 5 values. Consider that the more values you select the longer you have to wait until each value is shown again.

- Can I see all values at the same time?

Yes. Just select "All values" at the bottom of the screen. In that case you will not see a map but all 9 values that B.iCycle provides at one screen.

- How do I reset or adjust the total values?

You can easily adjust the maximum values by going to the settings and there you can select "Overall performance" where you have the option to adjust or reset the total distance, calories and the maximum speed by clicking them and adjust the picker items.

- How do I reset or reinstall B.iCycle? Will I have to pay again?

You can reset all the data by deleting the app from your iPhone and reinstalling it afterwards. You do not have to pay again if you do that. All updates and re-installations are free of charge.

- What is this cross hair button in the upper right corner of the map doing?

The other icon in the map centers the map around your current location and locks the map to that. If you move the map will move as well. You only need that button in case you pan the map to another location and want to center it to your position again.

- How do I pause the recording of a trip?

Please make sure you pause the trips only with the pause button and not with the stop button. The stop button will always start a complete new trip. To resume a trip that is paused you just click start and answer the question regarding resume with yes.

Tracks via email:

- How do I configure B.iCycle to send emails with my tracks?

Make sure the "Send KML" feature is enabled in the settings (default). Make sure you enter your email address in the settings as well. The next time you reset a trip B.iCycle will prompt you with the question if you want that track emailed to you. Simply answer yes and you will receive the email with your track records and both a  KML ang GPX file of the track attached.

- How can I have a look at my trails at home?

First you can see your Track by opening the KML files that you receive in the email in Google Earth. Google Earth on a Windows PC will not show a track that you double clicked in the explorer. You have to open the track from within Google Earth. Please check that you are running the latest version of Google Earth. Second you can upload the GPX file that you receive by email to a portal like GPSies.com or www.1-2-sports.com. In our tests that works very well and customers are happy about that possibility.

- B.iCycle tells me that the email with my track information has been sent but I did not get the email. What is wrong?

If you get the message that the email was sent, this means that it has been successfully delivered to our back-end email server. There can be many possibilities, why an email would get stuck. However, we have seen that two causes will cover 98% of the cases. Please first of all check your SPAM folder and see, whether the email was falsely identified as SPAM. Secondly, some providers (e.g., t-online.de and 1and1.com, strato.de) have a problem with the MIME format of our emails. They will reject these messages with the message "500 5.6.1 Line too long". As this message is produced by your provider's mailserver, it's out of our reach. We're regularly contacting these providers. However, we ask you to try a different email address in the meantime.

- How can I delete tracks that I do not need on the iPhone anymore?

In the settings menu you go to the "Track recorder" and get a list of all your tracks. In that list you can simply swipe the tracks to delete them as known from your email app.

- Sending the email failed. What now?

In case sending the email failed (e.g. because you did not have cellular or WIFI signal) you can still send the track by going to the track history list in the settings menu and send the track again by clicking it in the list and select "Send".

GPS based calculation:

- How are burned calories calculated?

A complex formula is applied where your weight as well your bike's type and weight is considered. Beside that the calculation is mostly affected by your speed and the climbed altitude measured with the iPhone's GPS receiver. Our users are very happy with the precision of burned calories compared to heart rate based cyclometers. In case you have the feeling the calculation is not working correctly for you please let us know by contacting our customer support. But please check that the entered weight and bike type is correct before you contact us.

- The KML file shows less way points than other apps. Parts of the trail are missing when I carry the iPhone in my pocket while recording.

For GPS based speed and distance calculation it is required to have a very strong GPS feed. Other apps might record more waypoints in the trail, but they are probably using low quality GPS measurements for that which reduces the precision of current speed and the calculated distance. It definitely helps to use B.iCycle with a bike mount to get maximum GPS precision compared to armbands or in-pocket solutions.

- Why is the climbed altitude sometimes 0 although I did some climbing?

For GPS based altitude calculation it is required to have a very strong GPS feed. We cannot calculate the climbed altitude with measurements from the iPhone that are not highest quality. However, we show the current altitude even for a weak GPS signal. If we would use that to calculate the climbed altitude though, the app would report a climbed altitude even when cycling in a flat area.

- My speed is incorrect and GPS trails don't show as excpected. How come I seem to not get any position updates anymore from time to time?

There is a rare bug in the 2.2.1 firmware, which causes the GPS API to be corrupted. There is a simple fix for that problem: Simply "Reset Network settings" in the iPhone's settings menu and we'll be receiving the correct coordinates again.

- Why could the speed precision be degraded?

If you're cycling under trees GPS might not have a direct line of sight with the satellites. The same can happen in streets with high buildings blocking the sky. In that case the speed measurement precision can be slightly degraded.

Map display:

- What is OpenStreeMap?

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world. The maps are created using data from portable GPS devices, aerial photography and other free sources. Both rendered images and the vector dataset are available for download under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 licence. Registered users can upload GPS track logs and edit the vector data using the given editing tools. OpenStreetMap was inspired by sites such as Wikipedia — the map display features a prominent 'Edit' tab and a full revision history is maintained. (text from wikipedia).

- Is map data available in my area?

Yes, it is. The map data is world wide and more than 500.000 mappers constantly add new data. Have a look here: http://www.openstreetmap.org/

- Can you please add data to OpenStreetMap for my area?

Open Stree Map is meant as a free map for everyone. You and I can add and change data that the whole world will use afterwards. It makes a lot of sense to add data in case something is still missing. However, we do not have the resources to add data all over the world for our customers. We wish we had!

- How come the map occasionally shows white tiles??

If under some circumstances you would see a white area in the map, that does not mean that cartographer's havent explored this area of the world. :) It is most commonly caused by a reset of the network connection, so that the image was not loaded completely. Please zoom in and back out again, so that this image is reloaded.

- What if the app receives GPS and calculates speed and so on but the map stays blank?

Please click in the map area and change the zoom level. You can also center the map to your location with the button in the upper right corner of the map. In case it still stays blank you should delete the app and reinstall it. The server where the app loads the map data could have been down so you might loaded blank map tiles and now they are stored in the map cache.






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