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This guide is also available directly in the app as „Help“ within the “Settings“ tab.

Since our last update we received many questions regarding GPS track import via the online sports portal 1-2-Sports. To show you how fast and easy tracks can be imported we compiled a dedicated PDF manual for you to download.

1. Introduction

B.iCycle is your next generation cyclometer. During development we had our focus on the precision of the measured and calculated values and on an intuitive user interface. On top of the standard features we offer various settings that allow you to configure B.iCycle for your needs. With this guide we want to explain all the possibilities in detail for you.

For best user experience we recommend to use B.iCycle with a bike mount that fixes your iPhone to the handle bar. That helps to easily read the map and the values during a ride and also greatly improves GPS quality for highest precision. Further details for using a bikemount and some recommendations can be found under the item "Bike Mounts" in the main menu within the settings tab of the app.

For maximum precision of B.iCycle we filter the GPS measurements and can only consider them when your iPhone receives a strong signal. 

Attention: Please do not interact with the touch screen of your iPhone while you are riding! This can reduce your safety and ability to react to unexpected traffic situations. You are using B.iCycle at your own risk!

The user interface of B.iCycle is separated into four main menus that are available via four tabs. Those tabs will be explained in the following chapters.

  1. 2.Tab "Split screen"

In the first tab "Split screen" you will see a mixed screen with a small map in the lower half and values for the timer on top: Your current speed on the left and another value that you can select on the right ("Trip distance" in the screen shot).

2.1 Display of "Current speed"

When B.iCycle launches, the field for "Current speed" display will show "Waiting for GPS". As soon as the app receives a strong enough GPS feed, the current speed will be shown and updated with each GPS measurement.


2.2 Timer

Ok, you are ready to go! To start a new trip simply click "Start" in the top left corner of the screen. All values for your trip are now being collected and the timer starts running.

After starting a tour, the button "Start" will change to a "Pause" button. With this button you can pause your trip without finally ending it. This means the recording of the trip stops but can be resumed after the break seamlessly.

You can also leave the app once the trip recording is paused, e.g. to make a phone call or just to put the iPhone to sleep during lunch break. Your trip data is safely stored and once you launch the app again and click "Start" you will be asked whether you want to resume your (paused) trip or start a new trip.

To stop the recording of a trip click the "Stop" button. To avoid that you unintentionally do that, the button will change to a "Really?" button that you have to click again to actually stop the recording.

After that a new screen appears. Here you can name your track. If you don't do it, the track will automatically be named. "B.iCycle Track". Furthermore, with the toggle switch you can choose if you want to get the trip data and the track emailed back to yourself. If you have not yet entered your email address, the programm will now ask you to enter it. This email adress will be stored for future use and can be easiliy changed anytime if you want. After confirming with "Save", your trip is stored on the device. Stored trips can be be resend via email at any time,  redisplayed in the map and of course deleted, too.

Please find more informations about the stored trips in chapter 5.1 "All your tracks" and about sending trips via email and the enclosed attachments in chapter 5.5 "Trip recording".

2.3 Auto Pause

In B.iCycle, you have is the possibility that the timer is automatically stopped if no movement is detected. Since then (with auto-pause activated), only the effective riding time is used for calculation, this feature is very useful to avoid slightly uncorrect values of the average speed - caused for example by stopping at traffic lights. If this automatic mode isn't favored by you (e.g., it will detect tunnels as "stops" as there is no GPS signal), you find an item settings/GPS/Auto Pause within the configuration section of the settings tab, where it can be disabled.

2.4 Value field

In the user selectable value field on the right side below the timer you can choose one of the values Total distance, Trip distance, Average speed, Maximum speed, Current altitude, Climbed altitude, Trip calories and Total calories for display.

The values Trip distance, Average speed, Maximum speed, Climbed altitude and Trip calories are calculated for each trip and will be reset with the start of a new trip.

By tapping the values field you can switch to the next value in the sequence listed above. E.g. tapping on Total distance brings Trip distance to display. After the last value of the sequence (Total calories) the field will show "Autoscan". You can switch to the first value (Total distance) by tapping again. If you leave the field untouched once "Autoscan" is displayed this will start the Autoscan mode where all values are automatically switched in sequence every 4 seconds. That means Total distance is displayed for 4s and afterwards Trip distance is displayed for 4s and so on.

In "Settings" / "Autoscan mode" you can also select which values are included in the Autoscan mode. By default all values are included. You can also select the time that each value is displayed. By default that is set to 4s.

When the Autoscan mode is active, this is indicated by a small red text "auto" below the value's name.

2.5 Map

B.iCycle offers a powerful map during your ride that shows and centers your current position with a small biker icon. Once you click the map three buttons become visible. On the upper left side you will  find the "Zoom out" and "Zoom in" buttons and on the upper right side you will find the "Center" button.

By clicking the zoom buttons you can adjust the zoom level to either get more details or get a better overview of your area. Of course you can also pinch the map with two fingers to zoom in and out as you know it from your iPhone's Maps application. The "Center" button locks the map to your current position which means the map will move when you move. When the center mode is active the "Center" button is highlighted with yellow color. In case you want to browse the map to search your area you can do that by dragging the map with your finger. This will disable the center mode. If you are done and want to lock the map to your position again just press the "Center" button again to bring the biker icon in the middle of the map again. If you move the map will move as well once it is locked to your position.

The B.iCycle map needs internet connection to load map data from the server. Parts of the map which have been loaded alredy, do not need to be loaded again as they will be stored on your iPhone. In case you ride the same path using the same zoom level again the map data is already in cache and will not need to be downloaded again via the mobile network.

That allows you to preload the map data at home in your WIFI network in case you already know that the cellphone coverage is not great in the area where you want to bike. At home you just need to scroll the map along the path that you plan to bike. Select the zoom level that you like most while biking or do this several times with multiple zoom levels. The map data is now cached and will not be downloaded during your ride again. By doing that you can save data traffic, lower the power consumption for longer battery life and the map display will be more responsive.

3. Tab "Big Map"

This screen is very similar to the "Split screen". However, it has a clear focus towards the map display. Therefore we have reduced the screen by the timer and shrinked the value field and the display of your current speed.

The timer can be displayed in the value field. After switching to the "Big map" the value field shows the same value that was selected in the "Split screen". Of course you can click the field to switch through all the values plus the timer. In case you have Autoscan mode active the values will be cycled in both the "Split screen" and the "Big map".

Zoom and Center buttons behave similar to the map in "Split screen".

4. Tab "All values"

This screen is meant for all bikers that like to keep an eye on all values at once while riding. On top of the screen you will find the timer as known from the "Split screen". The "Start", "Pause" and "Stop" buttons are available as well.

Below the timer you find all values that B.iCycle offers nicely arranged for easy overview. This screen is perfect if you do not need to display a map. This saves battery data, as no new map data is loaded via the mobile network in this view.  We recommend to use this screen in case you run into battery shortage during a ride.

5. Tab "Settings"

In this tab you will find all the options and tweaks to configure B.iCycle for your specific needs. Please read carefully through the following chapter and learn how to optimize your experience on the bike.

5.1 "All your tracks"

Clicking "All your tracks" in the "Settings" tab brings up a list showing all your recorded trips sorted by date. If you want to delete a recorded trip just swipe from left to right over the trip information and click "Delete" afterwards (same as deleting an email).

If you click on a trip information a popup with more detailed information will be shown. Below the trip information you have the options to send the trip as an email and to show the track on the map. The email will be sent to the email address that has been entered in the "Track recorder" settings. If you select to display the track in the map it will be shown as a colored path that you can easily follow during your ride.

5.2 "General setup"

This menu in the settings tab allows you to configure the distance and weight units that you prefer.

Furthermore, here you can disable the feature Auto Pause, which is described under 2.3 of this manual. By default Auto Pause is enabled.

For precise calculation of the calories burned you need to enter your bike type as well your weight and the weight of your bike here. 

In this menu you can also select the map source that will be displayed in B.iCycle. OpenStreetMap is the default map provider. OpenStreetMap (www.openstreetmap.org) is a free, user editable map of the whole world. The OpenStreetMap is ideal for bikers, as many mountain and forest trails as well as bike paths have been collected by the community that are not included in the other maps. As an alternative to OpenStreeMap you can also select OpenCycleMap for map display. OpenCycleMap (www.opencyclemap.org) is based on the OpenStreetMap project that shows OpenStreetMap data specifically rendered for biking. Just select your preferred map for your needs.

Did you know? You can actively contribute to the OpenStreetMap project and include your trails that are not yet mapped by the community or that need to be changed. Just upload the gpx files that are included in the trip mail to the OpenStreetMap server (www.openstreetmap.org).

5.3. "Overall performance"

This menu allows you to see and configure the total values for distance and burned calories. The shown values are the sum of all your trips that you did with B.iCycle since you installed and used the app. If you like you can reset the totals to zero (e.g. for a new season) or adjust them (e.g. when you upgrade to a new iPhone or if you want to take over the total distance from your old cyclometer).

5.4 "Autoscan mode"

In this menu you can select the values that are included in the Autoscan mode (see chapter 2.4 "Value field") and you can also select the lenght of the flip interval. For example if you enable just "Trip distance" and "Average speed" and set the flip interval to 5 seconds the Autoscan mode will toggle automatically between "Trip distance" and "Average speed" every 5 seconds.

5.5 "Track recorder"

If you enable "Track by email" in this menu you will be asked if you want to email the trip every time you stop recording a trip. You can also enter or change the email address that you want to use.

The email you will receive contains all track information plus two attachments (.kml and .gpx). The KML file allows you to see your track at home using Google Earth. Just go to http://earth.google.com and download Google Earth to use this great feature.

Another option to analyze your trip is to upload the GPX file to portals like www.GPSies.com or any handheld GPS device that offer advanced visualization of the track and help you to manage and plan all your trips.

5.6 "Help"

This is the manual you are just reading.

5.7 "FAQ"

In this section you will find a broad overview of questions of other B.iCycle users including our answers. In case you have a question that is not covered in this help document please take the time to go through our FAQs. Should your question not be covered in the FAQs please contact our support team. They will be glad to help you out.

5.8 "Thanks to"

B.iCycle is the best cyclometer for the iPhone and we are very proud that we have been able to develop B.iCycle for you. In this section you will find a list of everybody that we want to thank for their contribution to this great project. Their underlying technologies and digital art helped us to create a next generation cyclometer for your iPhone.






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